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September 2021

Congratulations to our new Leadership team!

Senior Patrol Leader: James Marshal
Assistant Patrol leaders: Mason Meining, Neil Shah
Troop Guides: Nicholas Counavelis, Jackson Miller

Troop In Person Meetings

Due to the Covid situation improving we are back to in person meetings In the Jacoba Hall Courtyard. Masks are required as well as social distancing for all vaccinated and unvaccinated scouts and leaders. Meetings are still held every Tuesday at 7 pm.

VA Creeper 2021

The troop completed a 17 mile biking trip on the virginia creeper trail followed by a 5 mile long hike on the Rhododendron trail at the Grayson Highland state park.

Philmont 2021

This past July our troop went all the way to New Mexico to spend a week hiking on the vigorous Philmont trails. The week long trip had scouts traveling over the beautiful mountain range hiking over 50 miles.

Zipline 2021

This past May our troop went on a high adventure zipline trip. The scouts went on a zip line course in the North Carolina mountains and hiked to see the beautiful views from hanging rock later that afternoon.

 New Scout outing 2021

This past April our troop worked with our new, younger scouts on the new scout outing to help the new scouts complete rank requirements and learn more about the troop and its scouts. The trip consisted of knot tying, hiking, orienteering, and much more.

Winter Campout 2020

In December, Scouts went camping during the winter of course and did many activities such as a big hike, and other normal outing activities such as making the food and setting up camp.

Living History Trip 2020

In October, scouts went to Williamsburg, VA. They explored the old town and went on tours to learn about all of the history the historic town consisted.

2020 Sea Base (Sailing Adventure)

This was one of the two crews to go on the high adventure trips hosted by Sea Base. On this trip however, we got to go sailing fo hours and hours which was super fun and exciting because we got to raise the sails and even steer the ship. Every night we slept either on deck or down below in the quarters. Something we did pretty much always was snorkiling, we snorkeled ever-where even to back to land. During those snorkels we saw tons of marine life like squids, rays, tons of fish, a barracuda and even some sharks! Also, during those snorkels we would sometimes go out and go lobstering which was super fun even though the ones we caught were too small to eat. 

2020 Sea Base (Out Island Adventure) 

This crew left for the Sea Base Out Island Adventure trip where they went kayaking, fishing, played games, learned new things, and ate great food.

Sea Base

2020 Troop Leader Training

February 21st was the Troop Leadership Training Campout. They gathered at Blue Jay Point Lodge for a weekend of games and scout leadership training. Including a lesson on how to wear the uniform correctly. It also snowed!

2020 Scout Sunday

On Sunday, February 9th was Scout Sunday the scouts got together and helped out with mass and it went very well. Thank you to all of those that helped!

2020 Ski Trip

On July 24, the troop went to Winterplace West Virginia for an exciting ski trip. The beautiful scenery made the 4-hour drive much better. The weather was perfect for skiing.

2019 Winter Hike

On Saturday, December 14th, the scouts went to Umstead Park for a hike. The food that was prepared, looked, and tasted great. Some scouts got requirements done for their advancement. Thank you for those that came.

2019 Winter Campout

On December 6th, the scouts went to Stone Mountain for the winter campout. This is the second year the troop has been going to Stone Mountain. It was a little chilly but the scouts still had a fun time hiking and camping.

2019 Rock Climbing Trip

The troop went to Hanging Rock State Park in Danbury NC on the weekend of November 8th-10th. They had a fun time climbing real rocks. It was great to have everyone come out and climb.

2019 Carolina Beach Fishing Trip

On Friday, October 11th, the scouts left for an exciting fishing trip. They drove two and a half hours to Carolina Beach. The weather was great and most scouts caught something.


2019 August Virginia Creeper Campout

Troop 352 traveled to Virginia for a weekend long trip at the Virginia Creeper bike trail. The bike trail is 35 miles long and much of it is down hill. The troop traveled over bridges, went through dirt roads, saw many amazing sites, and much more.



2019 July Camp Powhatan

Troop 352 traveled to Virginia for a week long trip at Camp Powhatan. The troop had fun completing merit badges. All of scouts had time to complete/work on five to six merit badges including eagle required merit badges. This is a great opportunity to complete merit badges.

-Taylor Potts, Troop Historian



2019 July Northern Tier Trip

Troop 352 flew to Minnesota for a week long trip at Northern Tier. The troop traveled Minnesota then to Northwest Ontario, and finally Northeast Manitoba. The troop fished, canoed, hiked, and more. It was a fun and great experience. The troop can’t wait for next time.

-Taylor Potts, Troop Historian



2019 June New River Paddling Trip

Troop 352 traveled to Crumpler, NC and visited New River State Park. The Scouts canoed down one of the three oldest rivers in the world! It was formed between 260 and 325 million years ago. The scouts had fun canoeing, stopping on sandbars for lunch, camping, and swimming in the river.

-Taylor Potts, Troop Historian




2019 April Campout at Camp Butner

This April, Troop 352 traveled to Camp Butner. Adult leaders and older scouts set up stations for younger scouts to help them sign off on requirements for Tenderfoot, 2nd Class and 1st Class ranks. Scouts also had fun doing the Obstacle Course. Camp Butner has huge obstacle course with over 20 challenging obstacles to test strength, balance, and agility.

-Taylor Potts, Troop Historian




2019 March Campout at Catholic Camporee

Troop 352 traveled to Camp Bowers. The troop participated in many fun activities including, climbing, gaga ball, survival bracelets, team competitions, orienteering, shotgun shooting, campfire, and skits. The Scouts also had Sunday mass and prayer reflection. This campout was fun and a great experience for the scouts.

-Taylor Potts, Troop Historian


2019 February Troop Leadership Training

Scouts stayed at the Blue Jay Point Lodge to learn about leadership, positions, and new skills, as well as plan for future campouts/meetings. They also had lots of fun doing campfire skits, watching movies, and playing games. We are always excited to train a new generation of scouts every year!

-Adam C. Troop historian



2019 January Washington DC Trip

Fresh into the new year, our troop took a nice trip north to visit the nation's capital. We got to visit the new museum about news and media, the "Newseum". Inside of the museum were many facts about the history of news and the 1st amendment. Next, we entered the holocaust museum and learned many facts about WWII and the holocaust. Unfortunately due to there being a government shutdown, our troop couldn't visit the other museums and attractions we had planned. Even with the government shutdown, we still had a phenomenal time.

-Adam C. Troop historian



2019 January Winter Campout at Stone Mountain

Last January, scouts traveled to Stone Mtn in Grayson highlands to enjoy many outdoor activities.

-Adam C. Troop historian



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2018 December Court of Honor

In the middle of December, many scouts were awarded with merit badges or ranks they have been working towards. New scouts gained higher ranks, older scouts gained many merit badges and other rewards. It was a good night for most of the scouts, and many more rewards are planned for scouts to earn in the future,

-Adam C. Troop Historian



 Yorktown Trip 2018

On veteran's day weekend, scouts travelled down to Charleston, South Carolina to learn about the history of the American military and past wars in the 20th century. Scouts also got to stay in the Yorktown's bedrooms during the night and participate in flight simulations. The weekend was fantastic, and it was the perfect time to go, as it was veteran's day weekend. We all look forward to visiting again in the future.

-Adam C. Troop Historian



Oregon Inlet Trip 2018

Last autumn, scouts drove east to the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center on the NC outer banks.

-Adam C. Troop Historian



 Shooting Campout 2018

Last August, scouts took a trip to learn and practice firing rifles. The scouts were taught how to safely manage, clean, and use the rifles, and also learned firing commands of the range. Some scouts even left the camp with the requirements to complete the riflery merit badge. Scouts said that they had a blast, and others could have benefited from the experience too!

-Adam C. Troop Historian



Philmont Practice-Grayson Highlands 2018

In April, scouts that were preparing for the Philmont trip travelled west to Grayson highlands for 6 days to practice backpacking. This was the largest backpacking trip since they went to High Knoll summer of 2017. The first days were cold and windy, but the weather started getting warmer as the week went on; sadly the scouts had to leave a day early because of new incoming snowy weather.

-Adam C. Troop Historian



 Order of the Arrow Induction 2018

Last spring, 10 qualified scouts were elected by their fellow troop members to be inducted into the Boy Scouts of America's National Honors Society: The Order of the Arrow. The elected scouts travelled to Camp Durant to face challenges that, if passes, would complete their induction into the Order. The first challenge was fasting, the second was hard conservation work from morning to late afternoon, and the last and most difficult challenge was silence for the whole day. The challenges were rewarded with a large dinner and a celebration after the induction ceremony.

-Adam C. Troop Historian



Winter Campout 2018

In January, our first trip of the new year was the Winter Campout at Camp Raven Knob. When our troop arrived, there was snow on the ground and the lake was frozen. We quickly set up tents and started a campfire. We chopped down bamboo stalks and used them for Bamboo Bombs, a Winter Campout classic. The next day, we went on a hike for the morning up and over a mountain. We then headed back to camp to practice scout skills and explore. The troop gathered for a campfire program Saturday night, and then went to bed. After a cold night, we packed up and headed back to Raleigh.




Timberline Ski Resort Trip 2018




Kings Mountain Backpacking Trip 2017

In November, 9 scouts and 4 adults went backpacking in Kings Mountain State Park in South Carolina. The group walked a total of 16 miles on the trip throughout the mountains. They carried all of their food and gear in their packs for the duration of their journey. They had a great time and really enjoyed the backpacking journey. Some of them used the trek as an opportunity to work on their Backpacking merit badge. If you are interested in backpacking, then I suggest also checking out the merit badge. You can learn more about it at http://meritbadge.org/wiki/index.php/Backpacking

-Matthew M, Troop Historian



Bear Island Fishing Trip 2017

In October our Troop had 11 scouts go to a crown jewel of the North Carolina coast, Bear Island.  Bear Island is a three-mile-long, undeveloped barrier island accessible by the park’s passenger ferry. We fished all day and had an absolute blast.  We worked on the fishing merit badge and enjoyed a weekend camping on the beach.  We caught a bunch of fish.

-Michael C



October Canoe Trip 2017 

9 of our scouts attended the Roanoke River Canoeing Trip in October. They met up at the church at 4, drove down to Williamston, and camped at the River Landing Friday night. On Saturday, they canoed 7 miles downstream to the Beaver lodge, where they spent the second night. On Saturday morning, they packed up and canoed another 2 miles to the Jamesville River Access, where they were picked up. If this trip sounds interesting to you, you might want to look into the canoeing merit badge. You can check it out at Canoeing - MeritBadgeDotOrg

-Matthew M, Troop Historian



Troop 352 20th Anniversary Court of Honor

Our Troop held a Court of Honor to congratulate two of our scouts on making the prestigious rank of Eagle. This was also combined with a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the creation of Troop 352. We started off by awarding our scouts with their various rank advancements and merit badges, and then held a ceremony to honor Nick Sykes and Eric Toussaint. We then took a break to eat. After that, each of our previous and our current troop scoutmasters each gave a speech about how our troop has developed and grown over these past 20 years. We also had all of the Eagle Scouts present at the ceremony come up and take a group picture. Everyone enjoyed it, and it was a great experience.

-Matthew M, Troop Historian



Virginia Creeper Trail 2017

33 of us scouts and 13 adults had lots of fun last weekend up in Virginia. We enjoyed an 18 mile bike ride cruising downhill through the countryside, admiring the view and the fresh air. About halfway through, we stopped for a snack and ice cream while hanging out with friends. We then finished the second half, and headed back to camp. The scouts then worked on the camping merit badge by taking a two hour 5 mile hike throughout the mountains to practice map reading and just have some fun. We then had some dinner and celebrated the birthdays of Conner Fontenot and Mr. Nemecek. Overall, it was a fantastic trip and I’m sure us scouts would love to do it again.

-Matthew M, Troop Historian


Fort Bragg 2017




Pinestraw Sales & Delivery Fundraiser - February/March 2017

Just a few of the crew!

 Supporting Cub Scout Pack 352 Pinewood Derby - January 2017

Eagle Scouts - COH Gathering December 2016

Back row (L-R )Schwede Hawkins Garrell Lisowe Crowder Crowder Dayal

Front Row (L-R) McKemie Mariani Dayal Lisowe Mariani Skowronski



Backpacking at Uwharrie National Forest


 Rock Climbing!  At Three Bears Gully, Pilot Mountain NC



Congratulations to the New Troop Leadership Team!

Posted on Jun 11 2020 - 9:50am

Troop 352 Leadership - March 1st, 2020 - August 31st, 2020

Senior Patrol Leader - Henry Oehlrich
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader - Christian Eckstein

Introducing the Hammock Chip!

Posted on Feb 6 2018 - 11:03pm

Introducing the Hammock Chip! Earn the privilege to use a hammock on designate scout outings by earning your hammock chip. Here is the background information reviewed at the February 2017 scout meeting.

Website 'Did you know?' - Calendar Sync

Posted on Aug 22 2017 - 7:12pm

Did you know you can subscribe to the troop calendar and have it automatically display on your phone or computer?
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Website 'Did you know?' - Rank Advancement

Posted on Aug 7 2017 - 12:24pm

Did you know your personal rank advancement requirements are shown on our Troop 352 website?
1. Login
2. Click 'My Profile'
3. Click on your rank

Cyber Chip

Posted on Sep 16 2014 - 8:21pm

Do you like to use your cell phone? Need it to take pictures on a camp out? Or games on the road to camp?

THEN YOU MUST HAVE THE CYBER CHIP!!! Don't loose your privilege to carry your electronics.

Scouts & Parents! See Rank and Merit Badge Info On-line

Posted on May 19 2014 - 9:59pm

Did you know our new website is fully integrated with Troop Master? Read more to learn how to see your merit badge and rank information.



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